Pub. 4 2022 Issue 6


Honor Roll for the Foundation of the Nebraska Society of CPAs

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Nebraska CPA Pub 4 2022 Issue 6

HONOR ROLL for the Foundation of the Nebraska Society of CPAs

Thank You for Supporting Future CPAs!

More than 200 Society members and organizations remembered the Society’s Foundation over the past year and a half by making nearly $43,000 in contributions that will support accounting students at 14 colleges and universities throughout Nebraska. Thank you to everyone on the following Foundation Honor Roll1 for helping to ensure the pipeline of new CPAs will continue to flow in Nebraska!

$5,000 & More

  • Dennis D. Blackman
    Blackman & Associates, PC, Omaha

$1,000 to $4,999

  • Ryan L. Burger
    Gabriel, Burger & Else, CPA, PC, Seward
  • David A. Emry 2,4,5
  • E. Lyle Kinley, Jr.
  • Donald D. Kluthe 2
    AmeriFirst, a division of First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha
  • Lawrence R. Kopsa
    Kopsa Charitable Foundation, York
  • Patrick J. Lavelle
    Dutton & Associates, PC, Omaha
  • Fred A. Lockwood
    Lockwood Foundation, Scottsbluff
  • Mark F. Manning
    Manning & Associates, PC, Crete
  • Matthew R. & Teri Mercer
    Deloitte Tax LLP, Omaha
  • Michelle R. Thornburg
    Koski Professional Group, PC, Omaha
  • Thomas J. Von Riesen 2
    SilverStone Group
    A HUB International Company, Omaha
  • Sean & Becky Wolfe
    Community Hospital, McCook

$500 to $999

  • Anonymous
  • Julie D. Bauman
    Julie D. Bauman, CPA, PC, Falls City
  • Marcy J. Luth
    AMGL, PC, Grand Island
  • Neal D. Lyons
    UNICO Group Inc., Lincoln
  • Leo J. Panzer
    Infinity CPA Group LLC, Omaha
  • Mary L. Reiser
    FORVIS LLP, Lincoln
  • Douglas D. Rieger
    First Nebraska Bank, Columbus
  • Bruce C. Rohde
    Romar Capital Group, Omaha
  • Darlene R. Rohlfsen
    Supportworks Inc., Papillion
  • Scott D. & Julia Yank
    Nebraska Bankers Association, Lincoln

$100 to $499

  • Robert W. Aitken
    Robert W. Aitken, CPA, PC, Falls City
  • American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)3
    Durham, N.C.
  • Courtney C. Baillie
    Creighton University, Omaha
  • George J. Behringer
  • Michaela M. Belatti
  • Darren M. Bennett
    Milan Laser, Omaha
  • Robert H. Berger
    Berger Elliott & Pritchard CPAs LLC, Omaha
  • Lauren Bond
    Deloitte & Touche LLP, Omaha
  • Jane Branscombe Smith
    Jane Branscombe Smith, CPA, Lincoln
  • Aundrea C. Bricker
    Bricker Accounting & Tax Services LLC, Omaha
  • C. David Bruce
    BerganKDV LLC, Omaha
  • Frank H. Burnham
    FH Burnham Accounting & Consulting, Omaha
  • Maria L. Carlson
    RSM US LLP, Omaha
  • John T. Connor, II 2
  • Michael T. DeFreece
  • Lori J. Druse
    Deloitte & Touche LLP, Omaha
  • Lorraine A. Egger
    CyncHealth, La Vista
  • John S. Elliott
    Berger Elliott & Pritchard CPAs LLC, Omaha
  • John B. Fruhwirth
    Fort Collins, Colo.
  • James R. Greisch 2
  • John W. Hancock 2
    Hancock & Dana, PC, Omaha
  • Nancy R. Harms
    Nebraska State Bar Association, Lincoln
  • Cindy M. Heider
  • Donavon A. Heimes 2
  • Own I. Ismail
    Saudi Aramco Dhahran Camp
    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • Michael D. James
    10 Roads Express LLC, Carter Lake, Iowa
  • Kimberly A. Keller
    Hausmann Construction, Lincoln
  • Patrick G. Kirlin 2
  • Bradley S. & Kelly Konen
    Pinnacle Bancorp. Inc., Omaha
  • James R. Krieger
    The Gallup Organization, Omaha
  • Larry P. Kunc
  • Christopher J. Lindner
    FORVIS LLP, Lincoln
  • Robert C. McChesney 2
    North Platte
  • Patrick A. Meyer 2
    HBE LLP, Lincoln
  • Phillip D. Meyers
    Paradise Valley, Ariz.
  • Keith C. Mitchell 2
  • Eric J. Mortensen
    Broomfield, Colo.
  • Lori K. & Tim Mueller
    Masimore, Magnuson & Associates, PC, Omaha
  • Nebraska Society of CPAs Board of Directors
  • Thomas H. Neidhardt
    Neidhardt CPA, PC, North Platte
  • Ryan L. Parker
    Endicott Clay Products Co., Fairbury
  • Heather L. Pemberton
    Heather L. Pemberton, CPA, Auburn
  • Thomas J. Purcell, III 2
    Creighton University, Omaha
  • Michael P. Ripp
    Ryley, Carlock & Applewhite, Phoenix, Ariz.
  • Leslie J. Robbins, Jr.
    Robbins Consulting, Omaha
  • James F. Rouch 2
    Branson, Mo.
  • Kristian H. Rutford
    Labenz & Associates LLC, Lincoln
  • Michelle K. Sagar
    Michelle K. Sagar, CPA, LLC, Gretna
  • Jeffrey M. Scherer
  • Thomas W. Schleisman
    Thomas W. Schleisman, CPA, Omaha
  • Steven L. Seawall
  • John W. Sehi
    Sehi & Associates, PC, Norfolk
  • Cassandra V. Silva
    Deloitte & Touche LLP, Omaha
  • Keith D. Snyder
  • Teanne T. Spinharney
    La Vista
  • Lawrence J. Stein
    Lawrence J. Stein, CPA, JD, LLM-Tax, CFP, Boca Raton, Fla.
  • William E. Stevens
    W.E. Stevens, PC, Omaha
  • Willliam V. Strain 2
    William V. Strain LLC, Lincoln
  • Joni L. Sundquist
    Nebraska Society of CPAs, Lincoln
  • Patrick L. Thomazin
    Patrick L. Thomazin, CPA, Lincoln
  • Cleo C. Toelle
    Cleo Toelle, CPA, PC, West Point
  • Lewis E. Trowbridge
    Santa Fe, N.M.
  • Ronald F. Ueberrhein 2
  • Dan Vodvarka 2
  • Philip A. Waldron
    Philip A. Waldron, CPA, Lincoln
  • Gary D. Wasserman
    Precise Accounting Services Inc., Omaha
  • Dana J. Weber
    Dana J. Weber, CPA, Scottsbluff
  • Joshua A. Weiss
    Corporate Travel Management, Omaha
  • Herman D. Weist 2
  • Lincoln D. Zehr
    Mighty Dog Roofing, Omaha

Up to $99

  • Anonymous
  • Judith A. Ackland
    Crystal Financial Solutions LLC, Papillion
  • Stacy A. Agee
    Agee & Co., Sioux City, Iowa
  • Susan P. Baumert
    Susan P. Baumert, CPA, Lincoln
  • Steven M. Bazis
    Steven M. Bazis, CPA, LLC, Omaha
  • Terri Beigh
    Ernst & Young, Portland, Ore.
  • Richard J. Benda
    Conagra Foods Inc., Omaha
  • Tracy S. Black
    NRC Health, Lincoln
  • Michael P. Boyle
    Seattle, Wash.
  • Eric L. Bremers
    CFO 4 Your Biz, Omaha
  • Dean M. Broich
    Dean M. Broich, PC, Omaha
  • Dennis L. Carlson
    Dennis L. Carlson, CPA, LLC, Blair
  • Kenneth L. Cheloha
    North Las Vegas, Nev.
  • William E. Conley
    Sarpy County, Papillion
  • Gordon R. Cook
    Cook Consulting Co., Parkville, Mo.
  • Nicole L. Cooper
    University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha
  • John R. Dappen
  • Michael T. DeFreece
  • Brian P. Dervin
    Schleisman Onken & Associates, Omaha
  • Paula J. Eastman
    Schleisman Onken & Associates, Omaha
  • Jodi M. Eckhout
    Woods & Durham Chartered CPAs, Holdrege
  • Clarence C. Ernesti
  • Douglas A. Ewald
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln Athletic Dept., Lincoln
  • John J. Fatte
    Pro-Ware LLC, Omaha
  • Carrie A. Fenton
    Schleisman Onken & Associates, Omaha
  • Justin R. Fitchner
    Berger Elliott & Pritchard CPAs LLC, Omaha
  • Timothy P. Francis
    Valmont Industries Inc., Omaha
  • Billy J. Friesen
    Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest, Lincoln
  • Todd Gaines
    Gaines Accounting Resources Inc., Omaha
  • Douglas G. Gaswick
    Imperial Beef LLC, Imperial
  • Sandra L. Germer
    Sandra Germer, CPA, Omaha
  • Thomas G. Goodman
  • Kevin L. Goracke
    Goracke Professional Group LLP, Omaha
  • Miriam Gottlieb
  • John J. Gross
    Midwest Accounting & Tax Service, Omaha
  • Dennis J. Guinn
    Dennis J. Guinn, CPA, Omaha
  • Donald K. Ham
  • Sheila M. Hansen
    Sheila Hansen LLC, Blair
  • Thomas T. Hansen
    Tom Hansen, CPA, Wayne
  • Raymond Harrington
  • Joseph J. Hartnett
    Hartnett CPA Services, PC, Gretna
  • Norman R. Hedgecock
  • Jared J. Heins
    KPMG LLP, Lincoln
  • Margie J. Heller
  • Robert L. Hollingsworth
    Deloitte & Touche LLP, Omaha
  • Thomas W. Hosier
    Berger Elliott & Pritchard CPAs LLC, Omaha
  • James G. Jandrain
    James G. Jandrain, CPA, Omaha
  • Travis W. Johnson
    Lincoln Industries, Lincoln
  • Jacinda R. Kanger
  • Brian L. Ketcham
    Lindsay Corp., Omaha
  • Michael C. King
    Simplex Accounting Solutions, Ashland
  • Kenneth A. Kluck
  • Lorraine M. Kolasinski
    Silverleaf Tax & Accounting Inc., Omaha
  • Jessica J. Kort
    Amur Equipment Finance Inc.,
    Grand Island
  • Nicole D. Kreitel
    Keating Resources, Atkinson
  • Gbemisola K. Labisi
    Deloitte & Touche LLP, Omaha
  • Laurence A. Lanphier, Jr.
    Laurence A. Lanphier, Jr., CPA, Omaha
  • Colleen E. Leever
    Lee Enterprises, Omaha
  • Michael P. Limas
    DMSI Software, Omaha
  • Andrew J. Madsen
    KPMG LLP, Omaha
  • Kathryn C. Maresh
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln
  • Melissa E. Massey
    Blair Public Library & Technology Center, Blair
  • Julie A. McCoy
    J.A. McCoy, CPA, PC, Omaha
  • Bruce L. Meister
  • Shawn A.M. Melotz
    Melotz Group LLC, Omaha
  • Darrell A. Metcalf
    Rehabvisions Inc., Omaha
  • Andrew T. Miller
    Dultmeier Sales, Omaha
  • Julie L. Moller
    Moller & Associates, CPA, LLC, Omaha
  • Jared P. Moscrip
    Software Technology LLC, Lincoln
  • Robert K. Muehling
    Surprise, Ariz.
  • Kathryn K. Mullen
    Infinity CPA Group LLC, Omaha


  • Daniel J. Nealon
    Meyer Natural Foods, Papillion
  • Robert Neff
    Phillips Fractor & Co. LLC, Pasadena, Calif.
  • Jenny R. Nichol
    Allen Capital Group, Grand Island
  • Lisa D. Nitzsche
    Lockwood Development, Bellevue
  • Jane B. Onken-Roberts
    Schleisman Onken & Associates, Omaha
  • Dennis L. O’Toole
    Berger Elliott & Pritchard CPAs LLC, Omaha
  • Ronald L. Paschall
  • Patricia K. Pfeiffer
    Nebraska Methodist Health System, Omaha
  • Joseph J. Pritchard
    Berger Elliott & Pritchard CPAs LLC, Spalding
  • Gordon K. Quitmeyer
  • Carley Raneri
    Metropolitan Community College, Omaha
  • Jordan C. Raynor
    Frankel Zacharia LLC, Omaha
  • Karen B. Rhoads
  • R. Lee Richardson
    LIFO-PRO Inc., Omaha
  • Alison R. Riha
    Florell & Barnhard, PC, Lincoln
  • Julie A. Rogers
    Elkhorn Resource Group LLC, Glendo, Wyo.
  • Brian D. Runge
    Brian D. Runge, CPA, Lincoln
  • Corrine L. Scarpello
  • Jeffrey M. Scherer
  • Kyle G. Schlautman
    Anderson & Schlautman, PC, Omaha
  • William E. Schneidewind, Jr.
  • Sherry J. Schultz
    Talent Plus Inc., Lincoln
  • Nicole L. Snow
    Bland & Associates, PC, Omaha
  • Gerald L. Sobotka
  • Shirley A. Spieker
  • Kristin Stagemeyer
    Stagemeyer CPA Group, PC, McCook
  • Lindsay M. Stamm
    Skiles Loop Bremer & White, CPAs, PC, McCook
  • Robert B. Sundquist
    Security First Bank, Lincoln
  • Debra L. Thacker
    Midwest Geriatrics Inc., Omaha
  • Richard J. Tiwald
    Deloitte & Touche LLP, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Elizabeth D. Tritsch
    Berger Elliottt & Pritchard CPAs LLC, Omaha
  • Ned P. Tucker
  • Patricia E. Wangler
    Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., Omaha
  • Corey M. Watton
    Fusion Medical Staffing, Omaha
  • Jeanne K. Wilkie
    Indian Land, S.C.
  • John K. Wilson
    Robert B. Daugherty Foundation, Omaha
  • Rodney D. Wolf
  • Gerald M. Woo
    Gerald Woo & Co., Tamuning, Guam
  • Patricia A. Wulff
    Minden, Iowa
  1. The Foundation Honor Roll includes contributions made from April 1, 2021, through Dec. 27, 2022.
  2. All or a portion of contribution was given in memory of former Society Executive Director Arnold Magnuson of Lincoln, who passed away March 17, 2022.
  3. Contribution given in memory of William O. Johnson of Oakland, father of Society Executive Director Joni Sundquist. Johnson passed away Oct. 12, 2021.
  4. All or a portion of contribution was given in memory of Society member Mark S. Eldridge of Omaha, who passed away Aug. 15, 2022.
  5. All or a portion of contribution was given in memory of Society member JoAnn Martin, who passed away Oct. 20, 2021.